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This ancient village in the heart of Tuscany is of Etruscan origin. In the surrounding area numerous Etruscan archaeological remains have been discovered, including a necropolis. In the village there are the famous Arce walls called Cyclops, probably built in the VI-V century BC. , which are proof of the existence of an important urban center.


Ancient city of Etruria, it is the only one built on the sea by the Etruscans: the fourteenth-century fortified village of Populonia dominates the Gulf of Baratti, known for the beauty of its sea and its beach. From the top of the Rocca the view on the Maremma is wonderful, but the great interest is constituted by the archaeological presence, in particular the Etruscan ones, distributed throughout the territory; a museum collects the numerous findings that came to light during the excavations, which are still ongoing.


The archaeological complex of Roselle is located a few kilometers north of Grosseto, at the beginning of the SS223 that branches off from the Aurelia in the direction of Siena. Roselle was a city first Etruscan, then Roman and finally medieval and today is an important archaeological site subject to excavation campaigns since the fifties. Along the road that leads to the archaeological site of Roselle, you will cross an ancient Etruscan necropolis composed of chamber tombs and an example of a tumulus tomb. As soon as you arrive at the gates of the city, you will be struck by the Cyclopean walls, they are Etruscan and were raised in the VI century BC. , surround the entire city. measuring 3270 meters and together with the amphitheater are the only elements ever buried over the centuries.