For those who love to feel cuddled, at the Café by the pool in Campo di Chiara (just 3km from the Beccanina), we serve our “Zero-Km” Breakfast, with local fresh products, a combination of salty & sweet: pastries, home-made pies, bread with butter, honey and marmelade, fresh fruit, fruit salad,yogurt, eggs, coldcuts and cheeses, cereal and muesli. You may order a Cappuccino or an Espresso, or make your own morning drink with our Juice extractor.

At sunset, after a day at the beach or a horseback ride, you can stop by and taste our great local wine and craft beer, along with local coldcuts and cheeses and our typical “bruschetta” prepared with our biological olive oil.

At the Restaurant, in Campo di Chiara, you will be able to taste the traditional dishes of Tuscan Maremma, organize special dinners, tastings and cooking classes. In a typical farmhouse location, you will eat by the crackling fire in winter and outside under the pergola in summer.

We are proud to tell you the story of our region through its food, with the tasty and refined, but at the same time simple and genuine cuisine of our cook.